Back To Basics Computer Services

About Us

We are friendly, highly skilled, and customer focused

At Back to Basics we listen. We understand that your issues might not be the same as the current trends we are seeing, and we take the time to find out what issues you are having. Our friendly technicians are not just good with computers, we are good with people too.

The Techs at Back to Basics area highly skilled, have a combined 40 years experience, and have the certifications to show that we are competent in our trade. We have techs who have specialties in a broad spectrum of areas including Wireless, VoIP, Security, Web Design, Networking, System Administration, Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Why choose Back to Basics?

In a word, trust. Trust is the glue of all human interaction. There a few areas common to all businesses that require trust more than those that control all of your computers, network, and data. We recognize that fact and take it very seriously.

By gaining a high level of trust with clients we expect to ultimately increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are interested in and concerned with your wants, needs and values. We believe in being authentic, and up front with our values and concerns.

Through trust comes increased productivity, higher quality of sharing, and real learning and problem solving.

We are highly confident that the more we work together, the more we will build that trust relationship. We don’t move forward without understanding what you want, and if we have concerns, we will let you know. The first step is to get to know one another. So call today, we want to hear from you.

What do you do?

This question is both the most asked and hardest to answer in a quick or simple manner. The “short answer” is that we do anything that a company’s IT department would do for companies that don’t have an IT department. This answer often times just raises even more questions.

Although most businesses of all sizes have computers and other devices that are networked, the concept of a network is something that many people don’t think about. Most people that use a computer either at home or at work understand that they require quite a bit of ongoing maintenance to keep them from slowing down or becoming unstable. The network itself and the other devices on the network that the computers communicate with also require different levels on ongoing maintenance.

Somebody needs to do that maintenance. If a company is large enough, they have an employee that does this. If they are larger yet they may have a department that is responsible for it. Usually these departments have names like Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS), Management Information Systems (MIS), or Corporate/Computer Information Systems (CIS).

What about the small companies though? The companies that don’t have the resources to hire a full time employee with the knowledge and experience to do such a job. Well that is where we finally get to answering this simple question. This is what we do. We will act as your IT department for hire.

Now small businesses have a choice. You can spend your money supporting poor production, replacing broken equipment, and losing the advantage to competitors who can afford to stay on top of new technology. However, you can also choose to hire us and spend it keeping equipment working efficiently, repairing equipment when it is cost effective, and keeping your technology up to date putting the advantage back in your hands. Let us keep you in control of the technology in your business, not the other way around. Call today.